4th global climate strike - should KDE take action?

cahfofpai at tuta.io cahfofpai at tuta.io
Tue Oct 29 11:18:36 GMT 2019

Dear KDE Community,

On 29th of November, the fourth global climate strike will take place.

For the last global climate strike, a banner was placed on the website (https://web.archive.org/web/20190921055543/https://kde.org/ <https://web.archive.org/web/20190921055543/https://kde.org/>) and a social media post was published (https://mastodon.technology/@kde/102821138461667105 <https://mastodon.technology/@kde/102821138461667105>).

Should we (as a community) take action at the next global climate strike? A blog post and / or a social media post about the progress of internal discussions about KDE's climate impact and how it could be improved came to my mind.

What do you think?

Your's sincerely

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