Invent/gitlab, issues and bugzilla

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Thu Jul 4 09:39:15 BST 2019


>> Overall, I think KDE in general should be more active and confident in
>> taking steps to consolidate and modernize its software offerings and
>> technical landscape, especially if adoption of key future 
>> infrastructure
>> solutions seems to be happening already in many comparable places 
>> (e.g.
>> discourse, as used by mozilla, nextcloud, and all over the place, or
>> gitlab being in use by gnome, debian, purism, manjaro), etc.
> I disagree. I'm fine with modernizing bugzilla to bugzilla 6. But
> gitlab's issues feature is not powerful enough to handle the amound of
> bug reports I have to handle. In other words, I cannot do my work with
> gitlab's issues feature. It might look more modern, but it just
> doesn't have the power.

I agree with this.

In our company we multiple times reviewed bug trackers (for migrating 
Bugzilla), but none actually had a good enough feature set to be 
beside perhaps Jira (which is non-free/open).

I would wait for the Bugzilla 6 release to judge if the UI arrives in 
the 21th
century before making any decisions what to use. Just that GitLab is 
modern doesn't give it all the features one needs.


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