OpenExpo Europe 2019 Talks + KDE Booth Volunteers needed

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Mon Mar 25 12:45:56 GMT 2019

Dear Community Members,

This week we have been told who has made the cut to speak at OpenExpo Europe 

The topics and speakers are:

* Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Pablo Manuel 
García Corzo (@pablo_mgc), Aplazame

* Virtual Reality, Extended Reality & Augmented Reality: David Moreno 

* Digital Transformation: Felipe Polo Ruiz (@feliun), GuideSmiths

* Blockchain & Fintech: Luis Franceschi (@luiisfranceschi), LAPO BLOCKCHAIN AG

* IoT & Smart Cities: Masafumi Ohta (@masafumiohta), Japanese Raspberry Pi 
Users Group

* Cybersecurity: Alexander Todorov (@atodorov_), KiwiTCMS

* Business Intelligence & Analytics: Tomás Pariente (@tpariente), DATABENCH EU

* Open Source Tech Talks: Anton Sankov (@a_sankov), KiwiTCMS

* OS Monitoring & Virtualisation: Tomer Brisker (@tbrisker_pro), Foreman

* Global Vision of Open Source: Manuel Haro (@caxcan70), LABSOL

Kai Uwe Broulik, who submitted a talk about how businesses can leverage KDE 
technologies, unfortunately did not receive enough votes. See https:// for the final results.

In any case, we still have our booth and we will be showcasing KDE, Plasma, 
Plasma Mobile, Kirigami, etc. to businesses from there.

Anybody who would like to help us out on the booth, take a look at the task and sign up there. We need staff quite 

If you want to attend as a regular visitor, you can get free tickets until the 
March 31st from the event's website:


Promotion & Communication


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