KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Feb 28 15:38:30 GMT 2019

Thanks for the discussion, it's what I've been missing :)

I've asked numberous e.V. board members and staff over the years how
e.V. can help people running conference stalls such as the one at
FOSDEM with stuff like logistics, banking, stocktaking, venue hire,
accounts review and stock storage, and each time I get back "meh",
sometimes literally.  Given e.V.'s resources and remit I would have
expected it to be able to help with some of these but so far it
doesn't.  I get some unitemised t-shirts from old Akademys which is

So in the spirit of KDE I've worked out how to do all that for FOSDEM,
it's quite a satisfying way to help the project and I enjoy it.

KDE GB was set up in 2006 to organise Akademy and work around the
limited help from the e.v. board at the time.  All transactions are
publically logged and itemised and I'd always welcome any review. I've
suggested making it a partner organisation of the e.v. to board
members before and suggested making it a registered charity in
Scotland which would bring in 20% extra revenue from any donations
from UK tax payers but heard back no interest from the e.v. so not
pursued it.


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