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of course "being insulted" is very much in the eye of the beholder.

I'm very tired of this accusation being thrown around, so let's do real talk and summarize the situation according to my best knowledge of events:

Jonathan Riddell sold KDE mechandising (t-shirts) at FOSDEM to attendees. He took payment for that mechandising via a card reader connected to a bank account he controls. People - not the board - initially asked him why this card reader cannot be connected to the KDE e.V. bank account instead.

His response has been to repeatedly not give a straight answer to this question, and instead throw a hissy-fit about how the e.V. is not doing its job and doesn't help organizing conferences. The board has received no inquiry about helping with payment solutions, and Jonathan, being a KDE e.V. member himself, has not lead any efforts to organize any within the membership to our knowledge. Whatever else, making a solution for himself doesn't help anyone else, either, so problem-solving appears as merely pretense.

According to a conversation with Jonathan, he considers himself to represent and/or lead (it's a bit unclear) a non-profit organization named "KDE GB", sold the merchandising as such and seems to intend to keep the money he collected. We at this time have no information on whether "KDE GB" is set up and acting in compliance with local and EU law and who its membership is. As he considers himself a non-profit, he did not sign the agreement that mechandising shops have signed or make any inquiry about it. "KDE GB" has also not signed the local satellite organization agreement or made any inquiry about doing so after being informed of its existence.

Let's be clear: The e.V. cares because it's required to protect KDE's trademarks and wants to protect KDE's reputation in the world. The KDE e.V. is also a organization that gets work done by way of its members doing things (many of whom have organized conference stalls before). We're not aware of any impediments to Jonathan doing anything within the scope of the e.V. and consider any antagonism to be entirely unprovoked, one-sided and unnecessary.


On February 28, 2019 10:10:50 PM GMT+09:00, Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> wrote:
>On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 08:06:00AM -0800, Andy B wrote:
>> However, I recommend to always assume best intentions in everything.
>> Once we deride, criticize and slander, we stop the e.V. Board’s
>> ability to help. We walk into the battle wounded. Assuming best
>> intentions will also help you remove the pressure that suspicion
>> creates. I tell that to our engineers at my work all the time. I
>> it is sound advice.
>Given this principle does the board see that its choice to query the
>legality of me running a conference stall at FOSDEM after 15 years of
>only token involvement from the e.v. was insulting?

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