Is the GSoC Ideas list page still open? YES

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Thu Feb 28 07:44:13 GMT 2019

We got a question today about the Ideas page - - is open for more ideas. YES!

We were accepted as a GSoC org and we are open for business. Prepare to be
inundated by students wondering how to make themselves useful to you;
please make them welcome and help them find something productive to do.

If you see any way to improve our GSoC pages or other suggestions, please
pitch in! If you want to mentor and have not yet subscribed to the mentor
list, please do that now, and also ask to be invited to the webapp. You
should also be listed somewhere on that Ideas page as a mentor.

Please write to KDE-Soc-management at if you need help with any of

All the best,

Valorie, for KDE Student Programs

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