KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Paul Brown paul.brown at kde.org
Tue Feb 26 16:54:38 GMT 2019

Hello Jonathan,

> The workboard item is https://phabricator.kde.org/T10477,  it wasn't
> tagged KDE promo, it wasn't sent to the dot-editors list 

This is true. However, there were good reasons for keeping things under wraps:

Firstly nobody wanted it to pop up on some place like Reddit, have a bunch of 
people cascade into the servers before they were ready, then moan on line how 
KDE can't get anything right and "bring back KDE 3!". Safeguarding KDE's 
reputation is one of Promo's prime directives.

So far, by the way, so good: no outlet and no social media platform has had 
anything bad to say about the decision.

Getting back to being discrete until ready, the people of Matrix were 
particularly and understandably nervous about this deployment. Apart from the 
hit to their reputation a botched deployment would have had, they also have 
patrons and a disastrous, unplanned and premature release could give their 
sponsors second thoughts about supporting them again.

> and I wasn't pinged

As for this... well, as we are being frank here: You are not the most discrete 
of people and not anybody's first choice for keeping things quiet.

Don't get me wrong, being forthcoming is a much appreciated quality in most 
situations involving Free Software. Your no-nonsense and upfront personality 
has made you a beacon of transparency, not only for KDE, but in FLOSS in 

But those particular personality traits would've not helped with this task, 

> (I'm the only active volunteer Dot editor).

I'm not sure this is true, but if it is, it is probably a great time to ask 
for more volunteers.

Hello Community Mailing List readers! Posts for Dot editors are now open! 
Requirements are good language skills. Knowledge of editing and copywriting a 
plus. Drop buy the Promo mailing list, IRC or Matrix room and we'll get you 

> I've tried to discuss problems in promo with the e.V. board and CWG in
> the past when long term contributors have left, when the team was
> changed from a community team to a closed access team,

This is, to put it mildly, a misstatement. Anyone is free to join the Promo 
working group and everybody there helps decide what Promo does and shapes the 
strategy we follow.

> when our
> mailing lists were micro managed or when I was insulted for organising
> a conference stall

Are you sure? What did they say? What were the circumstances? I find it hard to 
believe it was gratuitous. Something like "Don't help us, you moron!" sounds 
way out of character of everybody I know in Promo. I feel more context is 

But, before you answer, is it relevant to this discussion? Is it relevant to 
the discussion about Promo? If not, maybe start another thread or take it to 
CWG and see if they can solve it.

> but I've only been dismissed or ignored

Anything but, I'd say. When you wanted a policy for accessing social media, 
Promo dropped everything to make it happen. You have been active and 
contributing to Promo ever since (something which is much appreciated, by the 
way) and everything you have suggested has been taken into consideration

... Unless I have missed something. If this is the case, please tell what it 
is and we'll give it a second go.

> and the
> community at large seems happy for that to happen so I can't offer any
> assurances of changes.

Maybe that is because the community at large sees things differently from you. 
Maybe you are confabulating several non-related things which don't all reflect 
reality. Maybe if you took a step back and tried to see things from other 
people's points of view, you may see why sometimes not everything can be 
carried out exactly as you would wish. Making concessions is part of working 
within a community. Not everything important for you is important for 
everybody else.


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