KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Christian Loosli kde at fuchsnet.ch
Wed Feb 20 12:43:18 GMT 2019

Am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2019, 13:36:37 CET schrieb Paul Brown:
> Hi all,

Hi Paul, 

> KDE has been looking for a better way of chatting and live-sharing of
> information for several years now. IRC has been a good solution for a long
> time, but has centralized servers KDE cannot control, it is also insecure

beg your pardon? Neither is true. IRC is decentralized, and whilst KDE has no 
control over the freenode servers (obviously), it would have been free to have 
their own. From what I gather the KDE matrix instance is sponsored and not 
full control either.

I'd also like to know how IRC is "insecure", in general and also in contrast 
to Matrix. Otherwise I kindly ask you to not throw such accusations without 
further explanation around.

>     • Unlike IRC, Matrix is an entirely decentralised public network and
> anyone can run a server. 

Again: that is simply wrong. IRC is decentralized, the protocol is entirely 
open and various ircds and services are open source, and everybody is able to 
run their own network. 

> So please head over to https://webchat.kde.org (or matrix.kde.org via any
> other Matrix client!), grab an account and join #kde:kde.org.  For more
> information, check out our Matrix wiki page which includes details on how to
> configure desktop clients (https://community.kde.org/Matrix).

> Let us know how you get on!

Currently testing, I have > 1 minute loading times on searching and joining 
channels, and communicating with the appservice to change the IRC side nick or 
directly joining unlisted channels does not work (unfortunately no error 
message at all, so I can provide nothing to debug.

> Cheers
> Paul

Kind regards, 


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