Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Tue Dec 4 13:11:55 GMT 2018

I asked Greg from Fedora who has led their change away from mailing lists onto Discourse.

<Riddell> gwmngilfen: over in KDE land the discussion about Discourse
continues with queries about whether running in a Docker is a good
idea (seems ideal to me but sysadmins disagree) and if there's any
security concerns
<Riddell> any insight?

<gwmngilfen> i'm largely with you

<gwmngilfen> it does make things very easy to manage with respect to
rebuilding the app if needed, and i'm not sure what your security
implications might be, assuming the box is appropriately secured (we
only open 443, 22, and 25 to recieve mail)

<gwmngilfen> also if discourse itself is compromised, does it not
follow that docker would be more secure, since you;d also have to
escape the container?

-*- gwmngilfen doesn't know that for certain but it seems logical

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