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Il giorno Thu, 29 Nov 2018 11:32:12 +0100
Harald Sitter <sitter at kde.org> ha scritto:

> with the current forums? Do we have the original evaluation of how we
> ended up with phpbb somewhere?

Originally it was MyBB[1] (just open sourced), then we started hitting
some limitations there, and it was decided to move to phpBB[2].

The migration plan was done semi-informally on IRC: there used to be a
comprehensive list of changes over MyBB, but when writing the Dot story
it came out a little too confrontational, so we (me, Ingo, Ben, and
Sayak at the time) decided to tone it down.

> Which customizations are there, what do they do, where is their code
> and who maintains them currently?

websites/forum.kde.org on git. No one maintains them at all at the

Some inclusions there are Brainstorm and the gallery modification used
by Krita.

In addition, there is the "Anti Spam" mod which is used, among other
things, to one click ban spammers.

> In fact, I am also not sure why everyone seems to consider importing
> 10 year old forum posts a given requirement here. We migrated away

Boud has already given an example. 

> Can you describe these workflows a bit?
> There is this https://www.discourse.org/plugins/akismet.html not sure

Is it  Akismet in name, or uses the service?

> it's sufficient though. One could always opt to write custom plugins

The idea would be, if possible, to prevent the mistake made in the past
and use custom stuff only if absolutely necessary (that's what got us
in the current mess in the first place).

[1] https://www.kde.org/announcements/forum.php
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