Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Thu Nov 29 12:47:45 GMT 2018

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:54 AM Boudewijn Rempt <boud at valdyas.org> wrote:
> On donderdag 29 november 2018 11:32:12 CET Harald Sitter wrote:
> > In fact, I am also not sure why everyone seems to consider importing
> > 10 year old forum posts a given requirement here. We migrated away
> > from reviewboard with zero data migration, and the data that is in
> > reviewboard is largely much more relevant than posts on why changing
> > the wallpaper in Plasma 4.0 didn't work IMHO.
> I would for sure hate losing all those years of history and discussion for the
> Krita forums. Posted artwork, discussions, development suggestions, answers to
> questions.

FWIW an approach I proof-of-concepted for reviewboard and which may
also work for phpbb is to simply crawl a html snapshot and host that
instead. i.e. one would still be able to view the content without
having to maintain the software setup.
Mind you, I fully appreciate that losing history is terrible no matter
the data, my point is that dragging the data along into other software
may not be the most efficient course of action. It's hard to say what,
if any, excess technical requirements we have to migrate our current
database, which is why I asked so many question :). Just migrating
threads and attachments is something discourse can do just fine
apparently, so if we need nothing else it's probably fairly cheap to
pull the data along, if not we'll need to be flexible.


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