KDE Privacy Sprint - Find a date

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Thu Nov 29 09:24:01 GMT 2018


 > Can you not set TorBrowser in
 > System Settings > Personalisation > Applications > Default Applications >
 > Web Browser
 > Or are you meaning the Plasma bit? That sounds necessary?

I think what's happening is that by default when you click a link a KIO 
Stat job is spawned to figure out what mime type is behind that link to 
open it in the respective application. For example, if you have a link 
to a JPEG image, it will open that thing in Gwenview instead of the 
browser. The KIO job obviously does a direct query, not going through Tor.

Having all http(s) links open in a browser is one of the first settings 
I change in a fresh setup as I dislike the delay it causes when clicking 
links and there's also numerous complaints about this on BKO. Given web 
browsers can even open PDFs and all sorts of crap these days (and the 
privacy implications that were raised in this thread), might be worth 
revisiting the defaults for that setting.

Kai Uwe

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