help desk vs bug tracker

Martin Flöser mgraesslin at
Tue Oct 30 18:57:09 GMT 2018

Am 2018-10-29 19:22, schrieb David Edmundson:
>> I'm also wondering whether other KDE projects have the
>  seem need as we have for Krita,
> With my Plasma hat on:
> Surprisingly, we don't get too many end user questions on bugzilla. I
> think it tends to get loaded onto the distros instead.
> We do get quite a few where the user thinks they have a bug but it's
> an issue on their end but I don't think a helpdesk would solve them.

What I see in KWin quite often is: "foo doesn't work" or "KWin should do 
bar". And then you tell them how to enable the feature or that KWin 
already supports it. This is so common that I consider this as one of 
the huge pain point in bugzilla. For me that falls under "user support" 
and I think a helpdesk system could improve the situation (Obviously it 
requires users going there and if a user knows something like "KWin" 
exists and can report a bug against it it's a lost case - a user 
shouldn't know KWin exists).


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