Christian Loosli kde at fuchsnet.ch
Tue Oct 30 10:22:53 GMT 2018

Hi all, 

from what I get from the documentation, discourse has a mailing list mode 
which can, from a end user point of view, be used the same as a mailing list. 
As in: in a mail client, without additional config that would not be needed 
with a ML as well. 

So assuming we have

1) Sysadmins who are willing to install, configure and host this
2) A migration path for
2a) existing conversations
2b) our mailing lists and, more important, whether public or private and who 
should be subscribed 

I don't see why not. If it doesn't have the mailing list mode or if it doesn't 
work as I suspect it to, I'd be between very hesitant and against it, because 
I most definitely prefer my e-mail client over yet another crappy web app that 
is placed in a view and sold as client. 
If we don't have the migration path I'd be hesitant as well, unless we have a 
decent solution to 

- have continuity and not a sudden break / change, as there are ongoing 
conversations  (and running both in parallel is very bad) 
- make sure we have the manpower and plan to migrate lists and their 
permissions over 

Kind regards, 


PS: on the side discussion of docker: I am not against docker, we use it in 
(soon to be) production, we orchestrate it with OpenShift. But I do have to 
say that it is something entirely different and thus needs people willing and 
able to manage it, and this also needs planning on how to integrate it in 
already existing infrastructure, also security wise. So if we don't have infra 
people already comfortable with docker, do plan some extra time to build that 

PPS: I am still not terribly fond of the argumentation "we have to move to 
$some_fancy_new_shit_software or otherwise people will leave us". If people 
are contributing to / be with KDE just because of our choice of infra 
software, we are most definitely doing something wrong. But I already went on 
about that during the anti-IRC discussion.

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