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This would be really cool. I do use the forums a lot but navigating them (if 
you re not familiar with phpbb) can be tricky. Discourse is a bit more 

On Monday, October 29, 2018 11:31:54 AM PDT Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Discourse is modern forum and mailing list software.  Examples at
> https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/ or https://discourse.ubuntu.com/
> I went to a talk at the Embedded Linux Summit about how Fedora moved to use
> Discourse.  Similar to the discussion of moving away from IRC we had last
> year I see people moving away from mailing lists and new contributors not
> wanting to get into them.  Our KDE Forums also look quite old school.  In
> Fedora they moved to Discourse and mailing lists and forums and saw a
> marked increase in engagement.
> I think KDE should consider moving away from mailman and onto Discourse and
> at the same time forum.kde.org could move to this more modern software. It
> might also help cover Boud's use case of a user support method for people
> with queries before the report a bug.
> More coverage on last week's LWN
> https://lwn.net/Articles/768483/
> Discussing it in person it was pointed out that we do already use
> Phabricator Workboards for much discussion and it might well overlap
> there, although I don't think that would be any more of an issue than
> mailing lists overlapping.
> Jonathan

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