Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Oct 29 18:31:54 GMT 2018

Discourse is modern forum and mailing list software.  Examples at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/ or https://discourse.ubuntu.com/

I went to a talk at the Embedded Linux Summit about how Fedora moved to use Discourse.  Similar to the discussion of moving away from IRC we had last year I see people moving away from mailing lists and new contributors not wanting to get into them.  Our KDE Forums also look quite old school.  In Fedora they moved to Discourse and mailing lists and forums and saw a marked increase in engagement.  

I think KDE should consider moving away from mailman and onto Discourse and at the same time forum.kde.org could move to this more modern software. It might also help cover Boud's use case of a user support method for people with queries before the report a bug.

More coverage on last week's LWN

Discussing it in person it was pointed out that we do already use
Phabricator Workboards for much discussion and it might well overlap
there, although I don't think that would be any more of an issue than
mailing lists overlapping.


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