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Nate Graham nate at kde.org
Tue Oct 23 22:01:21 BST 2018

>From the perspective of someone who triages non-Krita bugs, I would say that the template has been a big success. My observations (again, for non-Krita bugs) are as follows:

1. Technically adept users are now filing better bugs, because they are faithfully filling out the template with useful information.

2. Users with moderate technical and reading comprehension skills are filing better bugs, because the template is guiding them through the process in a way that's helpful.

3. Users with low technical or reading comprehension skills are still filing un-actionable bugs, because they are ignoring the template (e.g. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=400150). But they were already filing useless bugs before; the bugs are just useless in a different way now.

I understand that this has not been the experience for Krita's bug triagers because parts of the template assumes Plasma, and perhaps Krita has a larger-than-average percentage of users who fall under category 3. What this really suggests to me is that we need per-product templates. If one size does not fit all, let's try to make it flexible. This could be a huge win for well-triaged products like Krita since you guys usually know exactly what information you want to ask bug submitter, and you can tweak your Krita-specific template until you find that it substantially improves the situation handling bugs from group #3.


 ---- On Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:49:53 -0600 Boudewijn Rempt <boud at valdyas.org> wrote ---- 
 > On maandag 8 oktober 2018 21:10:44 CEST Andrew Crouthamel wrote: 
 > >  
 > > If someone doesn't want to fill out everything, they don't have to. I've 
 > > seen plenty of people deleting some of the template or not filling out some 
 > > fields. 
 > >  
 > There's another problem: the template assumes people are using Plasma. 
 > (available in About System) 
 > KDE Plasma Version:  
 > KDE Frameworks Version:  
 > Qt Version:  
 > Over half of bug reports for Krita at least are not even from Linux users, and  
 > many Linux users don't use plasma. Without more explanation (like, If you use  
 > the KDE Plasma desktop, please...), this part just confuses people like heck.  
 > Here's where Krita's bug reports came from in the past 12 months: 
 > Windows: 683 
 > linux: 646 
 > macOS: 132 
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