compiling kde/qt apps for android

Jos van den Oever jos at
Sun Oct 7 06:25:13 BST 2018

Hello KDE-ers,

I've a question about building KDE and Qt apps for Android. I'd like to see 
how hard it is to build a Rust + Qt app for Android. First step is to build a 
plain QML app for Android. Unfortunately, I already failed there.

There are many steps to set up the environment. So once I figure out the 
magic, I'd like to make a Docker file out of it like I did for Calligra.

So far I've come to the point where I need to get the Qt libraries in a 
suitable architecture (Arm). I could compile them myself, but surely there's 
an easier option.

I think many KDE-ers have an Android phone and would love to use KDE apps on 
it. Improving apps for Android also improves them for Plasma Mobile.

KDE has a repo for F-Droid with 8 apps at the moment.

Does anyone know the secret recipe to setting up an environment to build Qt 
applications for Android?

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