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Anushi Maheshwari anushimaheshwari95 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 08:39:58 BST 2018


I am Anushi Maheshwari, Software Engineer in Samsung R&D, looking forward
to be a GCI mentor of KDE organisation. I am proficient in C++, Nodejs,
Git/Hg, Python, Bash, SQL/PostgreSQL and have working knowledge of JAVA and
Android. In the context of Open Source I am active contributor in Ste||ar
(High Performance Parallelism in C++) and Mozilla. I also have a good
understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms, I am rated as Expert on
Codeforces(:Anushi1998) and 6 star on CodeChef(:anushi) and had achieved a
high of Rank 2 in India (Rank 14 Global) in AUG18 LONG Challenges in

I am looking forward to be a GCI mentor and an active contributor in KDE.
Please guide me to the next steps for the same. It would be highly
appreciated if you could also point me to solve some issues as to be
eligible to be a mentor.


*Anushi Maheshwari*
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