Improving Bugzilla Status Names

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun Sep 23 21:54:24 BST 2018

Nate Graham ha scritto:
> On 09/23/2018 03:40 AM, Elvis Angelaccio wrote:
>> On sabato 22 settembre 2018 17:31:31 CEST, Nate Graham wrote:
>>> e.g. RESOLVED WONTFIX and RESOLVED INTENTIONAL both mean the same thing 
>>> ("We won't be implementing this").
>> I'm not sure how "intentional" mean the same thing as "will not fix".
> RESOLVED WONTFIX begs the question: "why won't you fix it"? Also, some users 
> would mentally add "are you lazy? do you hate me?" and become offended.

I'm sure that some users will challenge the reason of INTENTIONAL ("are you 
nut? This is not how it should work").

Regardless of the reason, a status is just the most concise summary. For any 
closing states, the developer should write down the reason in the last 
comment, so that users can check the explanation for it (and make a WONTFIX 
not scary, like any other final status).

> There are a few reasons why a bug would previously have been closed as 
> - Because the software has been designed this way on purpose, so a change is 
> undesirable: REVOLVED INTENTIONAL covers this
> - Because it is technically impossible to fix: essentially the same thing; 
> software was designed in that way, so RESOLVED INTENTIONAL is still appropriate

So those have the same meaning.

> - Because the developer just doesn't feel like doing the work: not a valid 
> reason to close a bug; bug should stay open
> - Because the developer wishes to spitefully punish the bug reporter for 
> behaving badly in the ticket, and in the process hurts all KDE users who could 
> benefit from a better resolution: not a valid reason to close a bug; bug 
> should stay open

I think that in both cases the RESOLVED WONTFIX should not be used, and at the 
same time nothing prevents developers to use it just because it's called 
INTENTIONAL, which means a complete equivalence of the two states.

If the reason for this change is prevent the 4th case, I'm not sure it's going 
to help.

> So I think REVOLVED INTENTIONAL covers all of the valid reasons to close a bug 
> report that the developers will not or cannot fix.
> At least, that's what makes sense to me.
I'm not specifically attached to this change, so *I'm fine with keeping it as 
it is.*

I would point out that the similar "Opinion" status on launchpad has been 

I agree that this entire discussion was rushed out.


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