Improving Bugzilla Status Names

Nate Graham nate at
Sun Sep 23 21:09:02 BST 2018

On 09/23/2018 03:40 AM, Elvis Angelaccio wrote:
> On sabato 22 settembre 2018 17:31:31 CEST, Nate Graham wrote:
>> e.g. RESOLVED WONTFIX and RESOLVED INTENTIONAL both mean the same 
>> thing ("We won't be implementing this").
> I'm not sure how "intentional" mean the same thing as "will not fix".

RESOLVED WONTFIX begs the question: "why won't you fix it"? Also, some 
users would mentally add "are you lazy? do you hate me?" and become 

There are a few reasons why a bug would previously have been closed as 

- Because the software has been designed this way on purpose, so a 
change is undesirable: REVOLVED INTENTIONAL covers this

- Because it is technically impossible to fix: essentially the same 
thing; software was designed in that way, so RESOLVED INTENTIONAL is 
still appropriate

- Because the developer just doesn't feel like doing the work: not a 
valid reason to close a bug; bug should stay open

- Because the developer wishes to spitefully punish the bug reporter for 
behaving badly in the ticket, and in the process hurts all KDE users who 
could benefit from a better resolution: not a valid reason to close a 
bug; bug should stay open

So I think REVOLVED INTENTIONAL covers all of the valid reasons to close 
a bug report that the developers will not or cannot fix.

At least, that's what makes sense to me.


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