Call for contributors for Fixture [ Qt5 based raster graphics editor ]

Kuntal Majumder zee at
Fri Sep 21 13:10:31 BST 2018


 ---- On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 16:28:41 +0530 Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> wrote ---- 
 > Using QGraphicsItems for layers is not an approach that's going to work out.  
 > It will not perform, it will not allow you to go beyond 8 bits sRGB and it  
 > will take too much memory. 
 > If you insist on starting from scratch, and I understand the temptation, you  
 > should: 
 > * consider color management: you cannot do anything useful unless you  
 > understand color management. Check out littlecms and 
 > ColorFAQ.html. 
 > * develop a structure for storing (including swapping), modifying and  
 > retrieving raster data. QGraphicsView actually is a tile engine, but you're  
 > not using it that way. Its level of maintenance in Qt is also low. 
 > * develop a system for undo/redo -- Krita uses Qt's system for that, but if  
 > you want to clone photoshop, you should consider using their system. There's a  
 > presentation from an Adobe engineer at a C++ conference in Moscow that should  
 > help you form an idea. But basically, every modification results in a shallow  
 > clone of the document. You will need this to clone photoshop's history brush.  
 > Google for it, I cannot find the presentation right now. 
 > Then you can start on implementing a real canvas and a tool system. 

Thanks for the pointers, at least I won't be clueless like before.
 > I only remember you from -- did you  
 > post a patch for review and did I miss that? 

This is the one you reviewed

Kuntal M

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