Call for contributors for Fixture [ Qt5 based raster graphics editor ]

Kuntal Majumder zee at
Fri Sep 21 03:10:02 BST 2018

 ---- On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 02:27:11 +0530 Nate Graham <nate at> wrote ---- 
 > People who want Photoshop will always want Photoshop. Not a clone, not a look-alike--only the real thing will do. People who are flexible will learn how to use GIMP--and these days, especially Krita, which is becoming a serious Photoshop competitor for many workflows. My wife uses it for art instead of Photoshop. It's awesome. 

True, I am not targeting the serious users of Photoshop here, but casual users who only use a smaller set of features which Photoshop offers but the with almost the same UX.

 > My advice would be to join an existing project to make it even better rather than start a new one. I see that your project has only two contributors. That is a very low bus factor. Wxperience shows that small projects like these will very likely be abandoned in a few years (sad but true), while larger projects are immortal. Krita is experiencing a real surge of interest right now, and I'm sure the developers would love to have you on board! Check out for more information. 

Yes, we are only 2 people, that is why I am looking out for contributors who can help. And as far as Krita goes, I do already have a patch into it. ;-D

Kuntal M

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