Call for contributors for Fixture [ Qt5 based raster graphics editor ]

Kuntal Majumder zee at
Thu Sep 20 19:57:48 BST 2018

I am Kuntal, as a Linux evangelist, when I try to convince someone to use Linux, most of the time I face questions like "Does Linux support Photoshop?", at the end of the day the discussion mostly concludes with "You can use Gimp or Krita". Both though pretty powerful have a very different workflow compared to Photoshop for which most people are reluctant to switch to Linux even though they require a pretty small set of features from what Photoshop offers. So a couple us are trying to build a raster graphics editor which looks and behaves similar to Photoshop with the help of Qt5. But thanks to our inexperience, every now and then we are facing roadblocks for which we rewrote the stuff a couple of times. We would love some help from you guys, better if you can correct us where we are going wrong.
You can find the source code here[1].

Kuntal M


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