pseudonymous contributions to KDE

Christian Loosli kde at
Wed Sep 19 11:38:54 BST 2018

Am Mittwoch, 19. September 2018, 12:34:00 CEST schrieb Luigi Toscano:

> That's very bad. But:

> > so I understand every person who prefers to work under a pseudonym and I
> > think we should not make this impossible.

> Does it make impossible any future changes related to the software license
> (from a simple relicensing to handling legal actions)? If the answer is no,
> then it's sad but we can't fix the laws just by coding and sometimes even
> shouting (see the EU reform).

Not any more than the fact that you can't change the license without agreement 
of people you can't, for other reasons, get in touch with. 

I don't think a real name does any more than pseudonyms there: if you have no 
means of contact  (e.g. person is MIA, person no longer has this e-mail 
address, ...) you have a problem, unrelated to whether the person used a 
pseudonym or not. 

If you want to use the real name as a proof of identity to validate a yay or 
nay to license change: that doesn't work either. 

So personally I don't think it does much or even any difference there.

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