Closing NEEDSINFO bugs after 30 days

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Sep 18 11:40:09 BST 2018

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 8:25 PM Nate Graham <nate at> wrote:
> +1, in favor, especially if we can close them in an automated fashion. Closing bugs isn't as frustrating for filers as it used to be anyway, since if they ever show up again with new information, they can just re-open them.

Should be easy to program this if we are agreed on the procedure.

What I would suggest is:

- 15 days after the bug has entered NEEDSINFO and not received any
further comments a comment is automatically posted "yada yada this bug
report needs info, please provide it or ask if you don't understand
what's needed, else closure in 15 days of inactivity" (message TBD
- 30 days after the bug has entered NEEDSINFO and not received any
further comments it gets closed with a comment "yada yada no data
provided, if you feel you can provide data reopen and provide data"

by throwing in a comment to "warn" 15 days after the status change
it's not too spammy while also acting as a reminder in case the
subscribers meant to provide the info but then forgot.

Personally I would even say the 15 day reminder should be sent every
15 days of inactivity, because of the reminder aspect (might be a bit
too spammy though?)

- NEEDSINFO change
- 15 days pass -> reminder comment
- 3 days pass -> comment gets added
- 15 days pass (33 days since status change) -> reminder comment again
(could be different comment "this bug appears to have gone stale,
please provide info or nudge out of needsinfo")

Anywayyy... I can throw together some automation so long as someone
tells me what exactly the process should be :P


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