Public report of the Community Working Group

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue Sep 18 11:28:31 BST 2018

On Sat, 11 Aug 2018 at 16:53, Valorie Zimmerman
<valorie.zimmerman at> wrote:
> * Case: conflict between Plasma release manager and Promo team in
> public (KDE Community list)
> Outcome: Open

This has now been resolved and the team has reverted back to it's
previous state as a community team where all can play a full part.
This has been one of the most de-spiriting episodes I've had in the 20
years I've spent with KDE and has taken a vast amount of effort from
me and others on the promo team. Community members should not just be
told they can't play a full part in a team they have been long
standing members of and the CWG should not just ignore community
concerns when asked as happened here.


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