Closing NEEDSINFO bugs after 30 days

Nate Graham nate at
Mon Sep 17 19:24:52 BST 2018

 ---- On Mon, 17 Sep 2018 11:19:59 -0700 Adriaan de Groot <groot at> wrote ---- 
 > This depends on the state change *to* NEEDSINFO having a comment or other  
 > message that is sufficiently directive: "we need <x information> in order to do  
 > anything with this bug". Or, in general, we'd need to keep in mind that that  
 > state change needs to have a clear and explicit question towards the reporter. 

Yes, this is what we do. In fact, not only is it documented at, but Bugzilla actually makes it mandatory: you're not allowed to change a bug to NEEDSINFO without a comment.

+1, in favor, especially if we can close them in an automated fashion. Closing bugs isn't as frustrating for filers as it used to be anyway, since if they ever show up again with new information, they can just re-open them.


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