ELC conference

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Fri Sep 7 21:41:17 BST 2018

Hey community,

The Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is in Edinburgh this year, and we'd like 
to be there with a booth. This is an industry conference, with lots of things 
on the edge of what we usually do: embedded, automotive, aviation .. but all 
stuff that we have some experience in, and in any case as a community we're a 
good "incubator" of C++ and Qt programmers and other contributors, which is 
valuable to industry as well.

To run a booth, we'll need people "on the ground" at the event. I'm willing to 
do the booth coordination, making sure that stuff gets to the venue, etc. but 
we also need warm bodies to do demo work, explanations, and just to be there 
and smile while the booth is open. There's also materials to be made and stuff 
to be printed -- I'll delegate that :) It's a lot like last year's Qt World 
summit event, a few days of hard work, with a payoff in making KDE shine in 
areas that it's not normally all that visible.

So, who's available (24-26 october 2018) and willing?

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