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On miƩrcoles, 5 de septiembre de 2018 20:34:35 (CEST) Kenny Duffus wrote:
> Hi
> The Akademy 2018 videos are now available
> The simplest way to access them is by browsing the talks schedule, choosing
> a talk you are interested in and view its details, you can then click Video
> in the links section
>   https://conf.kde.org/en/Akademy2018/public/schedule/1
> Alternatively you can directly access the files on our mirror network
>   https://files.kde.org/akademy/2018/videos/
> The videos are licensed CC BY Akademy Team
> Unfortunately we had a few issues with the videos this year resulting in
> lower quality than planned, sorry about that. Thanks to Kenny Coyle for
> getting these processed and available to you

While uploading videos to YouTube, we have noticed that following videos are 

* "Money Talks" by Marta Rybczynska

* "Winds of Change - FOSS in India" by Wrishiraj Kaushik

* "Continuous Compliance - An Introduction to Quartermaster" by Mirko Boehm

There may be more missing videos, since so far we have only uploaded day 1.


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