freenode #live conference in Bristol: speakers, booth?

Christian Loosli kde at
Fri Sep 7 20:54:54 BST 2018

Hi Adriaan, List, 

as said, last time it was David Edmundson who came, not sure if he'd like to 
do it again, but I think he did great work. 

As for talks: basically everything from online privacy to free software, so 
I'm sure plenty of things KDE offers would be on-topic. 
As I read earlier today, technically the CFP is closed, but we are still 
looking for talks. As I am currently on a bit of holiday: if you could do me a 
huge favour and poke christel  (christel at freenode dot net) directly and get 
in touch with her as soon as you can, i'd be very grateful. 

Thanks in advance and kind regards, 


Am Freitag, 7. September 2018, 21:43:45 CEST schrieb Adriaan de Groot:
> On Monday, 27 August 2018 13:10:52 CEST Christian Loosli wrote:
> > this year the second freenode #live conference will take place in Bristol
> > 3rd and 4rd of November, 2018. For details:
> There's not been a lot of community uptake on this; I think it would be
> cool, though. So, c'mon, who is in the UK and up for a couple of days of
> Bristol, giving a talk maybe, rubbing shoulders with Debian and other
> friends.
> I'm willing to coordinate a booth, handle getting stuff and swag there, I
> could give a talk or two, but I can't do it alone.
> Christian, how are talks (lightning talks, I presume), what kind of topics
> are you looking for? The conference schedule is a bit light still.
> [ade]

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