freenode #live conference in Bristol: speakers, booth?

Christian Loosli kde at
Mon Aug 27 12:10:52 BST 2018

Hi List, 

(Wearing multiple hats here, names in brackets should clarify)

this year the second freenode #live conference will take place in Bristol 3rd 
and 4rd of November, 2018. For details:

We (freenode) are still looking for speakers and we also have room for 
exhibitors. Knowing that KDE in the past did exhibit at other conferences like 
FOSDEM and also last year at #live: would it make sense to again have a 
KDE stand there, with some promo  / stuff to show? 

I think this is not only a great opportunity to present KDE software end 
projects, but also to maintain the very good relationship between KDE and 
freenode, as we (KDE) not only use freenode infrastructure, but also got a 
sponsor and recent donations from the surroundings of freenodians. As I will 
be busy wearing my freenode hat at #live, I'm afraid I can't do the KDE part.

If you are interested or need more details, feel free to poke me either via E-
Mail or of course on IRC (Fuchs @ freenode).  I'll also gladly lend a helping 
hand, where I can, but as per above, I'll probably be mostly busy helping to 
organize the conference as a whole. 

Thanks in advance, kind regards, 

Christian   (Fuchs on freenode)

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