Lakademy 2018 - Call for attendees

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Wed Aug 8 13:58:42 BST 2018

 Hello dear KDE Latin American contributors,

As most of you may know, Lakademy, or Latin American Academy, is a Latin
American meeting of KDE. The event takes place since 2012 and is conducive
to meeting people who use and collaborate with the applications and
projects created by this community. In 2018 we will have its 6th edition
here in Brazil, which will take place at the EFI Auditorium of the Federal
University of Santa Catarina, in the  city of Florianópolis - SC, from
October 11 to 14.
It will not be an event with talks or short courses, the  purpose of this
event is to serve as a meeting point and socialization of the Latin
American KDE community, aiming to strengthen ties of friendship and provide
dialogues on experiences of use, creation and  maintenance of applications
and projects. During the event days, the entire team will be focused on
fully practical hacking sessions.

As part of organization process, we first need to know who is interested in
attending the event, so we can draw up our budget. For that, we created a
form that you can access and fill in your data:

This form will be available until until the next day August 15. If you are
interested in going, please fill in your information as soon as possible,
so that we can evaluate the costs of organizing the event. Just remember
that if you can not pay for your tickets and accommodations, KDE e.V. may
sponsor you, if the cost is not very high. That also depends on how active
you are in KDE community.

Camila Moura
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