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Fri Jul 20 13:04:24 BST 2018

On Thursday, 19 July 2018 20:04:29 BST Paul Brown wrote:
> On lunes, 16 de julio de 2018 11:39:25 (CEST) Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen 
> > Hello chums :)
> > 
> >   One of the challenges of having a library of resources is to maintain it
> > 
> > clean of spam and in general any content that doesn't comply with what we
> > want to have there.
> > 
> >   The software running recently gained the possibility to
> >   have
> > 
> > a group of people who can moderate contents and reviews.
> > 
> >   This is a call for action for those of you would like to contribute to
> >   KDE
> > 
> > by helping to make sure our users have the best resources selection
> > available, free of worry to find undesired contents.
> > 
> >   Please reply if you'd like to help, either with the store as a whole, or
> > 
> > even just a specific category, and we will see together what's the best
> > way
> > to proceed.
> > 
> >   Thank you! :D
> Hey Dan,

  Hey Paul :)

> We (promo people) were wondering... Would it help if we gave this a push on
> social media? I know you probably don't want to manage an army of 100s of
> moderators, but if there is a place, a mail address or something, where the
> general public can send messages telling you about problematic stuff they
> have found within the store, it may be helpful, right?

  There is, in fact, methods built into the website already where anybody with 
an account can report both spam and malicious content. It 
would be quite useful to have that information spread around a bit, yes :) 
Specifically, this is done by clicking the report links in the Details panel 
(see screenshot), and the reports are then handled by the 
  If you mean something which they've found that needs the moderation team to 
look at it, then no, there isn't anything yet, But we ought to be able to put 
a way together to just flag items for the moderation team's interest, because 
yes, that certainly would be handy :)

> What do you think?

  That community involvement is the entire point of :D

> Cheers
> Paul

..dan / leinir..
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