Help us with curating

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at
Thu Jul 19 19:14:08 BST 2018


I'd like to offer my help as well :)

Specifically I'd like to ensure that only content of decent quality and 
of actual worth to the user are available in the store, e.g. by 
suggesting/requesting changes to the author.



On 16.07.2018 11:39, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen wrote:
> Hello chums :)
>    One of the challenges of having a library of resources is to maintain it
> clean of spam and in general any content that doesn't comply with what we want
> to have there.
>    The software running recently gained the possibility to have a
> group of people who can moderate contents and reviews.
>    This is a call for action for those of you would like to contribute to KDE
> by helping to make sure our users have the best resources selection available,
> free of worry to find undesired contents.
>    Please reply if you'd like to help, either with the store as a whole, or
> even just a specific category, and we will see together what's the best way to
> proceed.
>    Thank you! :D

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