Twitter access

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Jul 19 14:19:31 BST 2018

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 03:10:29PM +0200, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> Nobody has wronged you. There are no unnamed higher powers blocking community 
> contributions. As Paul has explained in detail in his reply to your email, 
> there is a standard procedure within the Promo community that everyone 
> follows. You are not treated any different from the rest of the team.

I am aware of the process.  I have followed it for 15 years.

> It's a team effort, and as long as you can act as part of that team, your 
> contributions are valued and welcome like everyone else's.

Then why do I have access to some accounts but not to others?  It's
trivial to fix, obviously illogical, but everyone thinks that's ok.

> We are finally at a point where we have a promo team truly acting as a team, 
> and it would be great if you could be part of that team.

I'm very much feeling like I'm not wanted on the team.


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