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Eike Hein hein at
Thu Jul 19 13:37:12 BST 2018

On 07/19/2018 09:25 PM, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> As I say I am aware of the process and the need for restrictions.  But
> I have access to KDE social media and have done since we started
> having any.  But for some reason I am being blocked from this one
> account.  Nobody has yet said who by or why.  It's illogical,
> humiliating and despiriting.

First of, we're kind of on the wrong mailing list for this, which
is making the whole exchange a bit awkward and is probably making
people a bit stand-off-ish. For discussing the details of promo
business we have a promo list.

Then, did you miss Paul's reply? The exchange from my POV is
currently at "Hey, can I have the password to Twitter directly
because I am Plasma release person?" - "Hey, the promo community
has a whole strategy now for how we compose these together with
peer review and doesn't really have anyone direct-post anymore".

The next step is you saying "OK, I want Plasma release posts on
Twitter in lockstep with release. We schedule these releases
ahead of time, so this should be very doable. It makes sense for
me to be involved because I can propose/draft content. Let's make
it happen."

Eye on the ball? This is a solvable problem.

> Jonathan


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