Akademy 2018 Visa Invitations Batch #3

Stefan Derkits stefan at derkits.at
Sat Jun 9 11:14:26 UTC 2018


On 2018-06-09 12:21, Alexander Potashev wrote:
> I don't understand how this invitation helps in the visa process.
> 1. If this invitation is from an enterprise and it does not cover your
> flights/accomodation, then your are required to book that before
> applying for the business visa, right?
> 2. If this invitation is from a citizen and it does not say that the
> guest stays in his/her home, then the same. Sounds like a regular
> tourist's visa requires the same amount of paperwork.

the invitation comes from the local official student representation of
TU Wien. It will only say that it covers accomodation if KDE eV sponsors
your travel.

If you are from a country that needs a VISA for Schengen and doesn't
give out tourist visas without much hassle and you think an invitation
letter might help you then this information about "how to get an invite
letter" may be relevant to you.


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