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Wed Feb 21 10:35:17 UTC 2018

Hello Severino! :)

I am glad you mentioned XMPP, and in fact I also see it and as an alternative.

I am participating in a project that aims to develop a cross-platform XMPP client, Kaidan:

It uses Kirigami as a UI toolkit and libgloox for the backend.

It is still very basic, but we already have some users, so there clearly is interest.

Best regards,


---- On Вс, 18 фев 2018 23:56:18 +0300 Severino Ferrer de la Peñita <seve at> wrote ----

Hello everyone.

When I was at FOSDEM this year, I was told about KDE moving away from IRC and looking for something else.

I'm not involved in KDE as an active contributor or developer, but I'm a happy KDE software user, so this felt really close to me.

After trying to follow the discussions on the mailing list, I was hugely surprised that XMPP was not being mentioned.

That encouraged me to send this email.

I don't know if someone else already asked for the same thing. I apologise if that's the case.

I have created this table:

based on the one at

I was not sure if I was allowed to modify the current table at, that's why I started creating one by myself first, to let you check it.

It has been a long time, trying to check all emails and blog posts. If there's any requirement empty it's probably because I didn't understand what it means.

Let me point out that XMPP is a safe bet for years to come, as it's a widely deployed living standard.

Being this such an important move, I would like you to think about XMPP as an option.

Personally, KDE has been doing awesome work with KTP and I would love to see more work in this direction with XMPP.

Also, a mention to is well deserved.

The XMPP community is really great, welcoming and active. Don't hesitate to approach it, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for your time,

Severino Ferrer de la Peñita.

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