Add your tasks to the Idea page for GCI

JAZEIX Johnny jazeix at
Sun Oct 22 16:59:32 UTC 2017


In the page, there are less than 20 tasks, does this mean KDE does not 
participate this year?


On 10/17/17 04:44, vijay krishnavanshi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have added few tasks on the GCI page and would like to ask other 
> interested mentors to add their ideas to the idea page.
> I have also reused some of the ideas from the last year GCI. We need 
> minimum 25 tasks for participation before the date 21st October so 
> that time for doing the required things for applying as an 
> organization is reserved. More ideas can be added later.
> Any sort of task can be added to the idea page if they are doable by 
> students of age group 13-17. It can include any type of tasks like 
> design, outreach, documentation, user interface, or code.
> I will continue adding ideas to the idea page.
> Link:
> Some ideas on the idea page added by me are not clear and need some 
> refactoring. I will do it later today.
> Regards,
> Vijay Krishnavanshi

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