KDE at Qt World Summit (QtWS) 2017 final update: Info pad

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Thu Oct 5 23:11:53 UTC 2017


if you're curious about what the KDE event team for Qt World Summit
2017 is up to, you can find updated information on this live pad:


I've attached a static copy.

If you're on the team, you've already received this information
seperately. But experience has shown that at some date in the
future, an eager person will trawl this mailing list archive for
info on how to do KDE things at Qt World Summit: May they find
this email useful ;).

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KDE @ Qt World Summit 2017 - Team Info

Venue & event info
bcc Berlin
Map link: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/19001815#map=19/52.52068/13.41645
Day start: Doors open at 8 AM / Agenda on 10th starts at 10 AM , on 11th and 12th at 9:30 AM
Event agenda: https://www.qtworldsummit.com/agenda/
Event app: https://www.qt.io/QtWSapp
WIFI SSID: QtWS2017 / Password: QtWS2017

Where is KDE?
Primary Booth: Level C, Lounge Area, up the front stairs from the exhibiton area
Landing Mini-Booth: Bar Table on Level B, opposite those stairs

What are our duties at QtWS?
* Man a booth and tell people about KDE (talking points: below)
* Help out QtWS staff in rooms (help run talks, help the video crew, etc.)

Team Kit
* Crew shirt - please wear whenever doing KDE duties (booth, room)
* Name tag - affix to shirt

Team Communication
Telegram group: https://telegram.me/joinchat/Azsz2AFTa7HE0h8CLPzFpQ

Team Coordinator
Eike Hein <hein at kde.org>
IRC: Sho_
Telegram: @eikehein
Phone: +821028995948

Backup Team Coordinator
Sune Vuorela <sune at kde.org>
IRC: svuorela

Booth Team
Eike Hein <hein at kde.org>
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen <leinir at kde.org>
Rohan Garg <rohan at kde.org>
Bhushan Shah <bshah at kde.org>
Clemens Toennies <starbuck at netrunner-os.com>
Scarlett Clark <sgclark at kde.org>
Emmanuel Lepage <emmanuel.lepage at kde.org>

See Booth Team directives below.

Rooms Team
Room C01 - Sune Vuorela <sune at kde.org>
Room B09 - Aleix Pol <aleixpol at kde.org>
Room B07 - Sandro Andrade <sandroandrade at kde.org>
Room B05 - Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org>
Room A08 - David Edmundson <davidedmundson at kde.org>
Room A05 - Filipe Saraiva <filipe at kde.org>
Room A03 - Sanjiban Bairagya <sanjibanb at kde.org>

Room assignments:
* Are preliminary. Talk among the team based on interest in talks to swap during the day (this includes the Booth Team people).
* That said, the room assignment makes you the contact point for this room. Know who you swap with. See that it's covered.

See Room Team directives below.

Backup Team / One half-day Availability
Petra Gillert <petra at kde.org> (KDE e.V. office assistant)

Who do I talk to about ...
* ... demo loops: Leinir
* ... graphics / print stuff: Jens Reuterberg <jensreu at kolabnow.com> (Telegram @jensreu) - not at site
* ... promo / marketing: KDE Promo Telegram group (https://t.me/joinchat/AEyx-0O8HKmfJ50MByM4kg), Paul Brown <pbrown at mykolab.com> (Telegram @Bro6666), Ivana Isadora Devcic <isadora at kde.org> (Telegram @skadinna)
* ... office-y backup assistance: Petra - partially at site
* ... general shit-has-hit-the-fan stuff: Eike or Sune, or last resort a KDE e.V. board person (e.g. Aleix)

*** Schedule ***

October 9th (Monday): Booth setup
Agenda starts at: 4 PM - Be there by 3:30 PM.
Who: Counting on Eike, Rohan, Leinir; hoping for Sune, David, Clemens and any others.

October 10th (Tuesday): Training day
Agenda starts at: 10 AM
TBD - Check back here. But:
* We're not expecting to run the booth on Training Day.
* We may get a room for hacking on Training Day. If so, it info be found here.

October 11th (Wednesday): Conference 1st Day
Agenda starts at: 9:30 AM
Lunch: 12:35 PM
Coffee: 3:20 PM
Dinner & Party: 5 PM+

Booth primaries schedule 11th
Booth morning (9 AM+): Eike, Leinir, Rohan
Booth lunch to coffee: Clemens, Scarlett, Emmanuel
Boot coffee to dinner: Bhushan, Eike, Rohan

October 12th (Thursday), Conference 2nd Day
Agenda starts at: 9:30 AM
Lunch: 12:20 PM
Coffee: 14:20 PM
Event ends: ~5 PM

Booth primaries schedule 12th
Booth morning (9 AM+): Clemens, Bhushan, Emannuel
Booth lunch to coffee: Eike, Rohan, Leinir
Boot coffee to dinner: Leinir, Scarlett, Bhushan

Still in Berlin on the 14th? Consider dining with the KDE e.V. board: https://blogs.kde.org/2017/09/30/come-dine-kde-ev-board-berlin-october

Directives Booth Team
* Get your Team Kit (talk to people at booth).
* Be at booth whenever you can, but especially when the schedule commands you to.
* We need to be at the booth whenever there's people roaming the halls, i.e. inbetween talks.
* If you're stepping away to attend a talk, make sure you are first out of the room and go back to the booth so it's staffed for the people who follow behind you.
* If you step away from the booth, let people know where you go and when you will be back.
* If you step away from the booth, occasionally check the Telegram group for calls.
* If you really really care about a certain talk, find out the room and talk to the Room Team person about swapping.

Directives Room Team
* Get your Team Kit (talk to people at booth).
* Represent KDE well!
* Find the Qt person in the room: green t-shirt or business attire, sits in the front.
** Introduce yourself and offer your help.
** Be useful: Help run the talk (e.g. hold up time cards, help out the video crew).
* Room assignments in team roster are preliminary - talk to each other to swap based on interests.
* Room assignment makes you the contact point for the room. Know who you swap with. See that it's covered.

Media / Promo
Please take photos of the booth and KDE people in other contexts.
Put them into the Telegram group or share them in other ways.
The KDE Promo team will them for social media and articles.

*** Strategy & Talking Points ***

Our game plan for QtWS this year is to portray KDE as a stable institution inside the Qt community. We want to play to our unique strengths as a not-for-profit and rise above the vendor scene at the event. We should act serious about the things we do, and we should inspire faith. But we do not need to try and compete with the "buy our solution" rat-race others are engaged in. We don't need the corporate trappings. What we want to get out of this event is to remind (or just inform) attendees that KDE is always there, always available, always useful.

For this reason, we have a consistent visual theme this year, including crew shirts. Please wear them to establish KDE's visual presence around the event.

Further, this is why we got a bigger booth in one of the lounge areas with seating this year, instead of in the vendor booth table area.

Our theme this year is "KDE Powers You", or just "Power Up". It focuses on three areas in which KDE empowers Qt developers:

Libraries: As developers write software, they generally factor out solutions into libraries for re-use. KDE has been making Qt-based software for over 20 years. KDE has made many different kinds of software over those 20 years: Primary device UI, end-user apps, communication apps, business apps, content creation apps, multimedia apps - we have solved many problems and created many libraries in the process. Our libraries complement Qt and are very easy to use by any Qt-based application. Many have little or no dependencies aside from Qt itself. These libraries are free to use, and licensed in a way that is compatible even with commercial apps. They run on many different platforms.

Dev Tools: We have made many great development tools, including a full IDE that uniquely supports both static and dynamic languages (KDevelop), programmer's editors (Kate), debug tools (Kdbg, Massif Visualizer), etc. They expertly support Qt and C++ and run on different platforms.

Community: Our libraries and dev tools are made inside an open community. If you interact with the KDE community, it will teach you things; you will become a better Qt developer. If you contribute your work to KDE, you get to share the maintenance burden. The KDE community is a great space to maintain the dependencies of your project inside of, or to make your team members better developers inside of.

Note: We're providing charging cables for phones and other mobile devices at the seating in our booth. Encourage people to stop by and use them if they need to charge/crash during the event.

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