Proposal: Have the Community Set Ambitious Goals for Itself

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Wed Jul 26 08:56:26 UTC 2017

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017 04:59:47 PM Kevin Ottens wrote:
> The outcome of that discussion is that we would like to suggest a bottom-up 
> process aiming at finding concrete goals to work towards.

I think that's a really good idea -- of course, I also signed the mail Kevin 
sent -- but I'd like to add a couple of examples, because there's *plenty* of 
examples of sub(-sub-sub)communities doing exactly this. But those smaller 
groups are (1) possibly not communicating their goals outside their group or 
(2) working on something so focused that it doesn't engage the entire, wider 
community. So in a way these are *bad* examples:

Community of 1: for Calamares (not a KDE project, but related), I have a three 
month goal to achieve accessibility (through Orca) for my application.

Community of 5: for FreeBSD, we have a three month goal to (finally!) get 
Plasma 5 and modern KDE Applications into the official ports tree, while 
upstreaming all of our own patches.

These aren't hugely ambitious, and the time-frame is a little short, but they 
do have some salient features: there's a clear goal, it's something that 
others in the community can contribute to but do not *have* to, and it's 
possible to do "drive-by" contribution towards the goal.


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