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Hello all,

El 02/05/17 a las 00:14, Aleix Pol escribió:
> Hi Rubén, Ismael,
> Maybe you can help Adriaan? :)

I can try. :^)

> Aleix
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> On Monday 01 May 2017 22:45:37 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>>> As the time to book some accommodation for Akademy is close, are there any
>>> hints which location makes sense?
>> We're working on it, hopefully we can publish it this week.
> Can you give an address exactly where the conference days will happen? Is it
> at Universidad de Almeria, in la Can~ada, near Calle Fred Van Oystaeyen?

The conference is in Universidad de Almería, yes, near La Cañada de San

The selected buildings are "Aulario IV" and "Auditorio" near Calle
Federico Mayor Zaragoza and Rafael Escudero.

Universidad is about 4km far from Almería city, you can see all here (if
you zooming you can see de names of the buildings):

> I'm probably going to bring my whole family (since the kids take Spanish at
> school and they should get out more), so the regular hostel-type accomodation
> probably won't fit me very well: I'd really appreciate some family-friendly
> tips as well. Even if it's like "get airbnb near plaza de murcia", that's a
> start for my search.

Depends on your criteria. If you want a accomodation near beach, I
recommended El Toyo:

but is far to the city that university, and, posiblely, more expensive
since is a vacational place. (But is more near to Cabo de Gata natural

If you want that your family visit the city you need to search in the
city. I recommend a site near Avenida del Mediterraneo o Avenida Cabo de
Gata, because there should be some good bus combination to go the

There are some hotels in the zone, only try your preferred site to find

In all case, I prefer that Ismael Olea can answer too since I'm not live
in Almería city (I live in El Ejido, near 40 km to Almería) and I don't
know all options.

I'll hope that this answer helps you, sorry for my very bad english.

Salud y Revolución.

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