KDE licence policy update

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Fri Feb 10 17:48:41 UTC 2017

Am Freitag, 10. Februar 2017, 14:54:52 CET schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> I'd like to get back to my proposed update of the KDE licence policy
> https://community.kde.org/Policies/Licensing_Policy/Draft
> I got some comments from Matija Šuklje which I incorporated and it now
> includes a handy changelog.
> -Note that Qt is LGPL 3 not 2.1
> -Code copied from Qt can be GPL 3 as well as GPL 2, check comparible
> with your code
> -Allow AGPL for web apps
> -Encourage AGPL for web apps
> -Allow icons to be CC-BY-SA 4
> -Allow media files to be CC-BY-SA 4 and no longer allow CC-BY-SA 3
> -Note CC-BY-SA 4 is LGPL 3 compatible
> -Documentation to be CC-BY-SA 4
> -MIT text now one of the more standard variants (modern style with
> sublicence) -Links to SPDX licences
> The main change is for docs and other non-code files to become
> CC-BY-SA 4.  This allows it to be converted to code (it's one-way
> compatible with LGPL 3) and allows us to share with other popular
> sources such as wikipedia.  CC-BY-SA 4 is also better maintained,
> better understood and internationally recognised than the old FDL
> licence.
I fail to understand why FDL is dropped for Documentation, content on userbase 
is still dual licensed  (CC_BY-SA 3.0 and FDL 1.2) and even the 
Licensing_Policy/Draft content itself is available under Creative Commons 
License SA 3.0 as well as the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 

Burkhard Lück

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