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Thanks for your quick responses Aleix & Thomas. I have carefully gone and read through the KDE Manifesto[1], Commitments of a KDE Project[2], Policies[3] and the Incubator page including internal links documentation and am open and willing to adhere to all the terms, policies and Commitments mentioned and also make the required changes to the current plasmoid if required to follow them.

>From a goals perspective the Mycroft Plasmoid adheres to being and remaining an open source project with its goals in line with being innovative, end user focused and welcoming for everyone to join and participate in its development process with due attribution to all who wish to contribute. Although I am only representing the Mycroft Plasmoid I have developed with the above goals in mind, I would like to add that the Mycroft Ai project towards which this plasmoid has been developed for is also an open source end user committed project with its development outlook being open towards all developers and the different Linux platform communities equally. It also is welcoming and supportive of growing in a positive direction along with its users to provide them a great virtual assistant experience on the desktop.

Additionally to the above I do understand I need to find a sponsor from the Plasma team who would be willing to mentor and give directions towards this and hence have prepared a documentation report on the plasmoid and its current workings that also includes the Plan for Compliance with the KDE Manifesto which I am attaching a link of to this email to gain interest of anyone who is willing to sponsor me. I will additionally be marking this email in a separate mail with the documentation to the plasma development mailing list to gather their interest and ideas on how we can integrate further with a request from my side for sponsorship.

The documentation and plan for Compliance with the manifesto can be accessed on this link:


I hope for your continued support towards this and also for a positive response from the community.

Thanks & Regards,
Aditya Mehra

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On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 6:22 AM, Aditya Mehra <aix.m at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently released the Mycroft Plasmoid for Plasma 5 Desktop. The plasmoid
> is a frontend to Mycroft Ai which could be described as a digital desktop
> assistant. The plasmoid with the core provides users a number of skills and
> widgets which can be interacted with via text and voice input.
> I am posting this email as I would like the Mycroft Plasmoid project to be a
> part of the KDE community. I have my repository for the plasmoid hosted on
> github where I am currently doing most of the releases. I have additionally
> followed the packaging guidelines / structure of other available C++/QML
> plasmoids, but as I am quite new to the development process I do not have
> much of an idea on how to go about hosting this on the KDE infrastructure
> and joining the community. I would like to request someone to please guide
> me with this process and how I can contribute to the community.
> The current hosted git repository can be found at:
> and the demo of the plasmoid at:
> Thanks & Regards,
> Aditya Mehra

Hi Aditya,
I'm glad to see you're interested in the project joining KDE. I agree
it would be interesting.
It covers areas that will become important soon enough on our systems
and I'd certainly like to be prepared.

Besides incubating your project as Thomas suggested, I also think it
could be interesting to approach directly the Plasma team and discuss
which ways we could integrate further.

Good work!
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