Kubuntu and other KDE distribution's use of KDE infrastructure

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sat Jan 14 13:42:01 GMT 2017

Adriaan de Groot ha scritto:

> I don't think votes are the way to go, really. I'd much rather just get on 
> with it. For the FreeBSD project on KDE's phab, I didn't even think about it: 
> I'm a KDE person, I'm interested in delivering KDE software to a particular 
> group, and I do lots of things on KDE infrastructure for doing that delivery 
> (e.g. filing bugs, writing patches, blogging, running KDE CI for FreeBSD), and 
> sysadmin suggested having a Phab project for it would be useful to group 
> things. Yeah, sure.
> I don't see, given the *tiny* technical burden implied by the request in this 
> thread, why Kubuntu should be any different from FreeBSD.

There is a slight difference: FreeBSD (but the same can be said for Windows or
Android) is a completely different platform and the "FreeBSD" project/tag on
phabricator.kde.org can be used to identify which reviews and changes are
relevant for that port.
The fact that you can organize the tasks and review is a side effect of this
reason, and that's why I proposed the creation of the tag (as Community
Administrator, not exactly an official sysadmin :)

I think this is different from *ubuntu (and Fedora, Debian, Opensuse, Arch,
Gentoo, Chakra, Slackware, etc etc) which are GNU/Linux distributions, all
(with "minimal" differences) the same platform (and probably the most tested).


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