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KDE India team is proud to announce the fifth edition of,
which is biggest KDE conference in India. This three day event scheduled
in March will bring together Qt Developers, KDE contributors, opensource
enthusiasts and uers from all across the nation. is an excellent platform for you to learn about FOSS and
start contributing to it. The participants will be introduced to the KDE
community, and shall also be given and overview of the latest
developments in it. The talks and workshops shall help strengthen your
basics  and shall familiarize you with what it is like to be part of the
KDE community.

# Talking at welcomes you to submit your talk proposals. It is event
primarily focused on KDE/Qt and we welcome talks that over the technical
aspects of KDE software collection and those that discuss our community
and it's values or even talks around our FOSS culture.

If you want to submit the talk proposals, please visit the call for
papers page.

# Venue and dates 2017 will be organized at Indian Institute of Technology
Guwahati, during 10-12 March 2017. Registrations to attend the
conference will start soon soon.

If you have any questions, please reach us at conf at or you can
contact me at bshah at



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