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Tue Jan 10 10:18:18 UTC 2017

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 11:15 PM, Michael Bohlender
<michael.bohlender at> wrote:
> Hi sysadmins,

Hi Michael,

> so we gave it another shot during last weeks meeting. This time with 4
> people. It was slow/laggy as fuck. Way worse than last time (with 2
> people) to the point were it was unusable. We had to switch back to
> which ran smoothöly and was exactly what we needed.

Umm, okay?

> I urge you to consider staying with what is running on notes.k.o for
> now because CODE is not a viable replacement for the
> meeting-notetaking usecase at the moment. Michael Meeks from Colabora
> promised in a private mail that the next version of CODE will perform
> way better. I am happy to reevaluate CODE when the next version is out
> but at this time CODE is not usable or us.

Did he give a timeline for this?

> Could you elaborate why you want to get rid of etherpad?

Couple of items:

a) It doesn't provide any listing of documents, nor any permissions
control which some groups within KDE need. We've hacked that on in a
limited fashion using special pad names.
b) It's based on Node.js (and comes with the associated maintenance hassle)
c) We're currently looking to de-duplicate and consolidate systems to
reduce maintenance hassle - eliminating Etherpad Lite for CODE in this
case is a fairly straight forward solution (we're supporting Nextcloud
anyway for other uses, and Etherpad has the downsides above to boot)

> Kind regards,
> Michael


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