Replacement of

Michael Bohlender michael.bohlender at
Mon Jan 9 10:15:59 UTC 2017

Hi sysadmins,

so we gave it another shot during last weeks meeting. This time with 4
people. It was slow/laggy as fuck. Way worse than last time (with 2
people) to the point were it was unusable. We had to switch back to which ran smoothöly and was exactly what we needed.

I urge you to consider staying with what is running on notes.k.o for
now because CODE is not a viable replacement for the
meeting-notetaking usecase at the moment. Michael Meeks from Colabora
promised in a private mail that the next version of CODE will perform
way better. I am happy to reevaluate CODE when the next version is out
but at this time CODE is not usable or us.

Could you elaborate why you want to get rid of etherpad?

Kind regards,


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