Kubuntu and other KDE distribution's use of KDE infrastructure

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> I'm writing at the request of the sysadmins, who would like to hear
> from the community about distributions' use of KDE infra.
> I'm part of the Kubuntu community and will use it as the example I know
> best.
> Kubuntu has some KDE wiki pages, found at
> https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu - for which we are very grateful.
> Ubuntu has a wiki we used to use, but between the awfulness of
> MoinMoin and the spam attacks on it, we love being at home at the KDE
> wikis.
> For some time we've been using notes.kde.org as well, and are planning
> how to use share.kde.org now that notes is closing down. We'll need to
> set up a Kubuntu group so that all Kubuntu team members who need
> access can actually access the shares. One of the advantages of using
> KDE infra over piratepad or so, is that we can add a password if
> necessary, and share among other KDE packagers if necessary.
> We are also interested in having a Phab instance for Kubuntu mostly
> for the todo/workboard. Right now, we're using Trello, but would
> prefer to use Free software if possible. And the beauty of Phabricator
> is that we can keep more of our "stuff" in one place. For instance, it
> includes a wiki as well, which we might use for packaging
> documentation. Very slick to have all our packaging stuff in one
> place.
> However, the sysadmins would like the KDE community support for this,
> since it could be seen as a "slippery slope." In addition, Ben
> Cooksley said, "we'll need to come up with some guidelines surrounding
> what distributions can ask us for, given the Manifesto / KDE Project
> rules.
> I would love to see more KDE distros getting cozy with the KDE
> community because I don't like to see fighting between packagers and
> developers, and communication is key.
> Our Manifesto [1] says: Being part of the international KDE community
> conveys certain benefits: ....Make use of KDE infrastructure for
> project hosting. I've noticed that some KDE projects do not use KDE
> infra, such as bugzilla, websites, and even mail lists. I thought the
> rule was that all KDE projects would move to KDE infra, so this
> surprised me.
> On the other hand, groups which are associated with the community but
> will never be "KDE projects" such as KDE distros, are not mentioned in
> the Manifesto. We do already host the KDE Packagers list [2], and
> Distributions list [3] which supports the Distribution Outreach
> Program [4].
> What do you say? Obviously we want to support KDE distributions. Where
> do we draw the line?
> Valorie
> 1. https://manifesto.kde.org/benefits.html
> 2. https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-distro-packagers
> 3. https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/distributions
> 4. https://dot.kde.org/2016/03/03/announcing-kde-communitys-
> distribution-outreach-program
> --
> http://about.me/valoriez
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